The smart wall is the crisis

A bill to fund a tech enhanced border wall has been passed. The bills calls for variety of invasive surveillance technologies which could mean anything from mass surveillance via drones to collecting DNA data at the border.

We know that this tech is not just going to affect border communities, but it will also affect nearly two-thirds of Americans living within 100 miles of a US Border. We know this tech could be deployed in cities all of the country. And we know that we can push back against the idea that more surveillance equals more security.

Tech must maintain integrity

In 2016, major tech companies like Apple & Google spoke out against the Muslim registry. Silicon Valley’s biggest players refused to be a part of building xenophobia driven tech that could unfairly track and target Muslim people.

Now it’s time for the companies to do the same thing and stay true to their word. Tech companies have the power to say no to helping the government invade on our civil liberties.